Disposable Hero


Beer and Video Games

Beer and Video Games

So this is what I’ve decided to write about while avoiding both of the pieces I’m (supposedly) going to get paid for, and/or avoiding writing about the soul-crushing, mind-encompassing thoughts I have about my ex after this past weekend. So yeah, beer and video games… let’s unwind.

Oh, fuck you, universe.

Look, as far as inconsequential paramecia clinging to this stupid blue planet, hurtling…

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I call Hanny’s dealer ‘Copernicus,’ because I don’t want to know his real name; it makes me feel clever; and everyone likes a good code name. I pretend I’m colder than I am, and bury my hands into the pouch of my hoodie, bounce on my toes and breathe heavy enough for Hanny to see my breath.

“He’ll be here.”

Maybe Hanny‘s a pre-cog or maybe I’m just that transparent. I rest a…

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Zen and the Art of I Dunno. Cooking, I Guess

Zen and the Art of I Dunno. Cooking, I Guess

First things first.

I know nothing about Zen and even less about cooking. What I do know is that I have this nagging feeling that this blog will rapidly become a disappointment to anyone who came for sociopolitical musings, and stayed for depressing introspection. While I did always intend to veer into these topics, I never wanted them to be the focus of this blog.

As I stated in my introduction,…

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Last Exit on the Left

Last Exit on the Left

I keep my wounds without a bandage.

I spent the larger part of this weekend at a funeral in upstate New York. A friend of mine killed himself earlier this week. I spent a lot of time in the car, listening to Get Hurt and watching the exits roll by. Moving between destinations and trying to occupy my mind with thoughts outside of grief, disbelief and rage.

My friend sat next to me at work. For…

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That Was Unexpected

I’m All-Powerful. In the past 3 days since I posted my thoughts about Ray Rice, the NFL, and domestic violence this blog garnered almost 500 views.

Sep 8

Man’s Game

Man’s Game


Not sure what I was expecting.

So without too much recapping, this post is about Ray Rice. If you don’t want to read/hear about it then screw. There’s plenty of places to go bury your head. Ray Rice, a professional athlete, punched his fiancee (now wife) in the face, then dragged her unconscious body out of an elevator and left her on the floor. These are facts. They have always been facts. So…

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Sep 5

Our Journey Begins

Origin Story.

Let’s get this out of the way for any uninitiated: My name is Vinny. I will often refer to myself in the third person, e.g. “Great job, Vinny.” There is a 99.9% chance this will be sarcastic.

I have a 6 month puppy named Oberyn, after Oberyn Martell from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. I will often refer to him as “Obie,” because it’s quicker and easier to type.

I own a…

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Sep 4

Reset Button

Starting over.

I was about to create a new blog, but I’m too damn lazy to try and come up with a new blog name. So I deleted all the previous entries from this one, and here we are. Unlike the last iteration that was roughly themed around my creative writing, this iteration has no theme. It will be more similar to my blog from college, though hopefully with fewer typos and less ennui. It will…

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Nice predictions, Vin. Take a lap.

(More in-depth thoughts on the conclusion of True Detective’s first season are forth-coming)

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Mar 9

Last Episode of True Detective Is Tonight

Last Episode of True Detective Is Tonight

The last episode of True Detective is tonight. I will, unfortunately, be playing hockey around when it airs so I will miss it. But thanks to the wonders of DVR I will be able to catch the episode tonight around midnight.

Here’s my predictions:

- The Yellow King is Sam Tuttle

- The “Five Horseman” are Eddie Tuttle, Billy Lee Tuttle, Maggie’s Dad, Commander Speece and possibly Errol Childress.


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